1.2311 (P20)

1.2311 steel is a pre-hardened, general-purpose tool steel that is commonly used in the manufacturing of various tools and components. 

1.2311 Steel is also known as P20 steel and is a low-alloy, high-carbon steel with good machinability and wear resistance.

Properties of 1.2311 Steel:

  • High hardness: 1.2311 steel has a high level of hardness, typically between 28-32 HRC after heat treatment. This high hardness makes it ideal for applications where wear resistance is essential, such as in the manufacturing of injection molds.
  • Good toughness: This steel has good toughness, making it resistant to cracking and breaking even under high-stress conditions.
  • Good machinability: 1.2311 steel is easy to machine, which makes it an ideal choice for the manufacturing of complex tools and components.
  • Good weldability: This steel has good weldability, which means that it can be easily joined to other materials using various welding techniques.
  • Corrosion resistance: 1.2311 steel is resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring that the tools and components made from it remain in good condition for a long time.

Most Common Application of 1.2311 Steel:

  • Injection molding: This steel is commonly used to make injection molds for the manufacturing of various plastic products such as automotive parts, medical devices, and consumer goods. The steel’s high hardness and wear resistance make it ideal for this application. Injection molds made from 1.2311 steel can produce high-quality and precise plastic parts with a long lifespan.